Ansell Lighting expands presence on Ghanaian market …names Kissart Group as exclusive distributor

 Ansell Light­ing UK, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality luminaires, has expanded its presence into the Ghanaian market, aiming to offer cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and superior lighting solu­tions to consumers.

To support its operations in Ghana, Kissart Group has been appointed as the exclusive in-coun­try distributor of Ansell Lighting.

This partnership ensures that valued clients have access to a wide range of innovative LED lighting solutions for various applications, all aimed at achieving customer satisfaction.

Mr Nick Prince, the Interna­tional Account Manager for Ansell Lighting, in a statement, expressed his enthusiasm about the collabo­ration, stating that the move aligns with Ansell’s commitment to mak­ing a positive impact and providing environmentally friendly lighting services.

“We recognise the enormous potential of Ghana as a growing market. We have been conducting business in Ghana since 2011 and have successfully completed nu­merous projects. Our partnership with Kissart on several prestigious projects has established them as a trusted ally, leading us to establish this long-term partnership,” he said.

“Our goal is to work closely with Kissart to expand our presence in both the project and distribution markets. Ultimately, we aspire to become a household name in Gha­na,” he said.

As part of the launch, Ansell Lighting introduced the Oc­to-Casambi, a Bluetooth mesh sys­tem app that empowers customers to have complete control over their lighting systems.

Mr Prince highlighted the bene­fits of the product, stating that the Octo-Casambi is highly suitable for various types of buildings, including both existing and newly constructed ones, spanning com­mercial to industrial environments.

He mentioned that users have the ability to customise scenes and animations for their switches with the product. Furthermore, he not­ed that the double-rocker wireless wall switch utilises an electro-dy­namic generator and does not necessitate any maintenance.

Offering assurances of meet­ing customer demand, Ansell Lighting’s International Account Manager said in addition to the average seven-year warranty on the products, the company had an inventory worth in excess of £30 million, which could be swiftly shipped anywhere in the world for replacements.

Aloysius Attiogbe, the Project Account Manager for Kissart Group, stressed the company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable lighting solutions.

He stated that they had part­nered with Ansell on their key projects, such as the Tamale Inter­national Airport and the Covid-19 facility centre at Korle Bu, among various others. He further ex­plained that following an evaluation of the product quality, they made the decision to expand the promo­tion of Ansell’s offerings to other markets, beginning with Ghana.

“We are a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) company, and our partnership with Ansell stems from their provision of the highest quality products. We have collaborated with Ansell on our flagship programmes, including the Tamale International Airport and the Covid-19 facility centre at Kor­le Bu, among others. After assess­ing the quality of their products, we have decided to promote their offerings in other markets, starting with Ghana. This launch is intend­ed to introduce their products to the public,” he remarked.

Mr Attiogbe further revealed that Kissart Group has over 5,000 units available to fulfil the lighting needs of Ghanaians.


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