Andos in Ghana, Togo urged to work together for devt of c’nities

TogbeTenge III, Paramount Chief for Andos in Ghana and Togo, has urged the youth to work with traditional authorities to implement pragmatic programmes that will help bring development to their areas.

According to him, if the youth in all Ando communities in the two countries collaborate effectively and efficiently, they could all facilitate infrastructural development that would help improve livelihoods.

TogbeTenge III made the call in Ando in Togo last Saturday when he launched the ‘Dzotikpeza’ literally meaning, Fire Festival of the people of Andos.

He also unveiled a foundation stone signifying the spirit and soul of all Andos in Ghana and Togo.

The festival is celebrated in February every year where funds are raised for development projects.

The Paramount Chief stated that there were about 72 Ando communities in Togo and 42 in Ghana and that it was important for them to come together in a united front to build “our communities”.

He said most of Ando communities in the two countries were underdeveloped with little or no progress.

“We need more schools, water and electricity in our communities and we cannot rely on government alone to provide these amenities for us.

We must see ourselves as one people with the same cultural diversity,” he stated.

Mr Ayivi Mawuena,   chairman of the planning committee,  commended their Ghanaian counterparts for joining them at the launch.

He noted that the traditional authorities and the youth had shared responsibility and needed to work together for the growth and development of their people.

Mr Mawuena admonished all to rekindle communal spirit and embark on regular clean up exercises to keep their environment clean.

The Andos have their historic antecedent grounded in the migration from Notsie and settled at their present locations.


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