A tribute to Osahene Boakye Djan

Comrade! No­body can deny the pivotal role that you’ve played for the historical push towards the Africa Home Nation.

Your strong faith and principle will be our guiding light as the Free Africa Movement march to the promise Land.

You were a true son of Africa. One who can never be forgot­ten for the millions of lives you touched and influenced.

Africa salutes you! Ghana salutes you and with your legend, the Sec­ond Enlightenment of the African Revolution will triumph.

My deep condolence to your family and our Comrades in the movement.

Nana Damirifa Due

Nana Damirifa Due

Nana Damirifa Due

Korletey Jorbua Obuadey

Author Beyond fear and Power. Osahene Boakye Djan, Pioneer Journey from the Village to the City and Back.

 A tribute from fellow AFRC members

 ODUPONG atutu!! (A mighty tree has fallen)

No amount of words can express the sorrow we feel about the passing of our brother and comrade. Osahene Boakye Djan. We were blessed to have served with Major Boakye Djan on the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council in 1979. From that time till his death, he remained a dear brother and confidant to us.

Osahene Boakye Djan was a principled man with integrity. He championed the rights of the less fortunate and the oppressed in society. He was indeed a true patriot and gallant son of Ghana. Osahene was a relentless defender of the Constitution; he spoke with­out fear or favour, even when his point of view put his own welfare and safety at risk.

His exemplary life and immea­surable contribution to public service is worthy of emulation for all those who desire the well-be­ing of the Republic of Ghana. Osahene was a brilliant, thoughtful and compassionate man. Through­out his life we never witnessed him bragging about his extensive education or using his rank and po­sition in office in intimidate other people. Never has anyone accused him of asking “do you know who I am?” Osahene was a rare find.

A week or so before the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council handed over power to the elected civillian government of Dr Hilla Limann, Osahene made a pre­diction using the game of soccer as an analogy which has come to pass. He predicted that after we leave office, we should expect to be rough-tackled by those who have been raiding the coffers of the nation, and/or served as agents in committing the offense of High Treason against the Public of Gha­na. Therefore, they have reason to be afraid of the example set by the June 4th uprising. He explained that like the game of soccer, the principles of the June 4th Uprising have moved the proverbial soccer ball closer to the penalty box which some folks would not want to concede a goal.

As we mourn a dear friend, brother and national treasure, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Osa­hene Boakye Djan.

May the spirits of the ancestors welcome Osahene with open arms and say to him… “Nana-ba, you have fought a good fight. Awaa-waa-waa, atuuu!

Herry Obeng

Owusu Adu

Alex Adjei ‘Alan Cash’

Ansah Atiemo

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