France has for many years pursued a shady foreign policy in Africa by sometimes cooperating with terrorists and gangsters to achieve its goals.

Paris is obviously interested in the diamond, gold and uranium of the Central African Republic (CAR), while at the same time it wishing to  work against any other nation taking part in its shares, even to the very exclusion the real citizens of CAR who are the legitimate owners of these mineral resources.

France has consequently and shamelessly created a confidential network in the Central African Republic (CAR), including politicians, businessmen and representatives of intelligence agencies, to protect its interests. With the help of high ranking elements in this secret network of intelligence agencies, Paris has cunningly with utmost skill siphoned out all the resources of the CAR, leaving the citizens all the poorer as they remain impoverished with a begging bowl in hand.

Thus, even when a new political regime came to the stage in the CAR, France was at hand to interfere and with great cunning, encouraging anarchy and terrorism in the country.

In furtherance of achieving its goals, France often helps insurgent groups by supplying them with weapons and ammunition through the various secret channels.

In 2012 the former president of the CAR, François Bozize, refused to provide access to the uranium mines to the French company AREVA. Paris, of course, was not happy with it. French intelligence agencies therefore created a radical group known as Seleka to overthrowthe president by sending more than 200 instructors to train the militants.

The French Embassy in Bangui is still interfering in the negotiation process between the government of the CAR and the leadership of the militants.  This assistance does not lead to the security of the region. The present confusion engendered by this type of conflict perfectly fits into the covert plan of France as militants sell diamonds, uranium and gold at cut-throat prices. Christoph Renato, a French national, for example, was detained in Antanarivo, the capital of Madagascar, the African island in the Eastern corridor of mainland Africa in the Indian Ocean way, in February, 2019. As an employee of DGSES (Directorate-General for External Security), the French intelligence agency, subsequently became the adviser to the former president of the CAR, François Bozize and then created his own private military company.

Renato,who was under the surveillance of Interpol, was  charged with terrorist activity, arson, murder, crime, infringement on the safety of the state, insult of the head of state, illegal storage of weapons and ammunition, instigation of hatred and public disorder in the CAR.

According to the law enforcement agencies of the CAR, the Frenchman had close contacts with representatives of opposition paramilitary groups.

FPRC (Patriotic Front for the Renaissance in the Central African Republic) and Ali Darassa, the head of the UPC (Union for Peace in the Central African Republic) were in very close relationship with Renato.

Besides, Christoph and the other leader one of the bigger gangs of the CAR planned and carried out a terrorist attack in May, 2018, resulting in the death of at least 15 people.

President Faustin- ArchangeTouandera, speaking on TV channel France 24, accused Christoph Renato of organizing the terrorist act in a cathedral by name Faustina carried out by the armed Seleka Islamist group in May, 2018, claiming 26 lives.

There are many other examples proving the involvement and support of the French government’s support of terrorism in Africa. It seems the French are oblivious of their own age-long clamour for liberté, fraternité, égalité, viz freedom, equality, goodwill. Intervention in the internal affairs of the former colonies has become for Paris the status quo.

Probably Paris aims at achieving its political and economic goals by fair or foul means. This travesty of justice robs independent nations of self-determination and true democracy in Africa.

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