22-acre demonstration farm using organic fertilser to begin next year - Concept Green Agro

Organic fertiliser dealers, Concept Green Agro has announced plans to establish a 22-acre demonstration farm at Prampram next year to train farmers in modern farming techniques using the organic folio fertiliser.

The company which is among the exhibitors at the just ended agricultural fair which heralded the National Farmers’ Day celebration said that early and bigger crop yields were necessary for agricultural business.

“Apart from that, our organic folio fertiliser is so harmless to the soil and could even be tasted by humans”, said Mr Lovelace Adabla, Field Engineer of Concept Green Agro.

According to him, the organic folio fertiliser doubles the output of fruits as well as cocoa, cashew, rice and also kept farms green all year round.

“We must produce crops bountifully on a sustainable note for brisk business and also keep the soil intact all the time”, Mr Adabla insisted.

He said that the company had engaged the services of agents in all the 16 regions to promote organic farming on a wide scale and educating farmers on the use of the organic folio fertiliser.

Already, Mr Adabla said that the educational programmes on the use of the organic fertilisers were going on vigorously in various communities with the use of public address systems.

“We have also applied to be listed on the government supply list and if we are selected we will make stronger impact in organic farming nationwide”, he added.

Mr Adabla expressed the company’s readiness to liaise with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to transform agriculture in the country to greater heights with the use of modern techniques and technologies to create wealth for the nation and farmers.


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