The head of the Anglican Church in Ghana, Most Rev Prof Daniel Yinka Sarfo, has appealed to Ghanaians at all levels of leadership, especially at the political and traditional levels, to always emulate servant leadership as espoused and manifested by Jesus Christ.

Most Rev Yinka Sarfo who is the Anglican Archbishop of the Internal Province of Ghana and Bishop of Kumasi, pointed out that Christ underlined the principle of servant leadership when he washed the feet of his disciples.

Preaching in a Good Friday and Easter sermon, at the St Cyprian’s Anglican Cathedral in Kumasi on Easrer Dunday, he said that singular act of Christ Jesus and His resurrection serve as the hope of Christianity.

Most Rev Yinka Sarfo explained that once the leaders faithfully represent the interest and wellbeing of the people, then they could instill in the people cherished values that are critical for national development and progress.

Accordingly he appealed to Ghanaians to live at peace with each other and support President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in the fight against political vigilantism, corruption, indiscipline and all forms of environmental abuse.

“Christians and all Ghanaians must repent, be born anew into a new life of righteousness, be disciplined, law abiding and corruption free”, he espoused pointing out that “for if someone is in Jesus Christ the person becomes a brand new person inside.”

Explaining further, he said for Ghanaians to show that indeed ” we are a Christian nation we must meaningfully reflect the life of Christ by  eschewing all forms of uncleanliness, indiscipline and corruption which threaten our young democracy and the stability of our country.”

 Most Rev Yinka Sarfo said “even though the birth of the Saviour is commemorated during Christmas the actual celebration of our Salvation occurs by Easter since by his death Christ destroyed death, by his resurrection he gave to believers eternal life and by his ascension to heaven he opened the gate of heaven to all believers in Christ.”

He said the resurrection of Christ is central to the New Testament as Exodus is to the Old Testament, stressing that the resurrection gave a new message to the apostles.

“We Christians must preach Christ and in Him crucified and resurrected, the unadulterated gospel to the people, we must preach truth to authority and the people must repent for the Kingdom of God has come near.

“Finally Jesus Christ came into the world to unite us, therefore we all must be united,” he emphasised letting the congregation understand that” Alleluia, Christ is risen: He is risen indeed.”

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