Mourinho lambasts players for ‘cutting holes’ in socks

 Jose Mourinho has shared a bizarre series of images on so­cial media showing footballers who have cut holes in their socks.

Mourinho has never been one to shy away from attention during his years in management and has certainly caught the eye again with his latest Instagram activity.

The five-image post on his account shows various pictures containing legs of different players who have cut holes in backs of their team socks.

Removing pieces of your socks appears to be a growing trend in the professional game as highlighted by Mourinho’s recent posts.

There have been some sugges­tions that cutting holes in the calf region is being done by players to reduce the pressure build-up caused by the clothing.

The fabric reportedly cuts some of the blood flow to the calf, leading to cramp and discomfort. Something players do not want to happen. Roma manager Mourin­ho cryptically captioned his post: “Beautiful socks for the Beautiful Game… Approved by the football authorities” with some comment­ers attempting to unlock the true meaning behind his words.

England stars Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka were pictured with holes in their attire at the World Cup alongside other stars who have adopted the new habit.

It is not obvious whether Mourinho’s decision to post images is a tongue-in-cheek joke aimed at the strange looking kit adjustment or a disgruntled moan at players.

Some have even suggested the recently-turned 60-year-old tactician is making a sly dig at Manchester City following charges made against them by the Premier League on Monday. —MailOnline

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