In the first installment of the above captioned article mesmeric force was likened to magnetic force . In the second installment let us read about experiments that have been performed by scientists to prove its reality as a real and invisible force.

Religious exercises of the various religions (Judaism,Christianity,Islam,Hinduism and Buddhism) throughout the ages has centered on the individual’s ability to pray effectively. And as clearly demonstrated in the lives of religious founders, man’s ability to commune with God, theOmnipotent is hinged on concentration and meditation. In concentration you keep, say an attribute of God constantly in mind and recite it repeatedly in the heart. In meditation you think about, say the natural world and appreciate its beauties and wonders. The mind (brain), the heart and soul are all in involved in such exercises. According to Christ:”The greatest commandment is, ‘’ Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind ‘’ (Matth 22:17). In an attempt to find out whether the mind of man can influence material objects scientists designed the following experiment called psychokinetic experiments.The word ”Psyche’’ means mind, soul in Greek, while”Kinetic” means movement. In other words psychokinetic experiments deal with the use of the mind to influence material objects. And that was that a scientist kept one out of the numbers of a dice, say six perpetually in mind through concentration, while a second scientist repeatedly tossed the dice for thousands of times. Both of them were close to each other, but not physically in contact. The turning up of a particular number, in a toss of a dice is governed by chance or probability. Thus the chance of one number out of the six numbers of a dice turning up in a toss is one out of six. Mathematicians can compute the number of times in which one of the numbers ( say six) can turn up if the tossing is repeated in the order of thousands. Thus by keeping the number six in mind constantly near the tossing procedure, it was discovered that the number of times in which the number six turned up far exceeded that predicted by mathematicians!!!. As usual scientists do not rush to conclusions with just one result but repeat the experiment for a minimum of three to five replicates. Yet the turn up, in each of the three or five instances, always exceeded the mathematics’predictions. From these results they concluded that through concentration of the mind, the tossing of the dice was influenced. From these results they generalized that the mind of man can influence the physical behavior of material objects. In front of scientists a mesmerist succeeded in bending hard steel objects with his practices to serve as additional evidence of the ability of the mind to influence matter, even though scientists failed to account for it. Let me emphasize at this junction the fact that the word mind is not synonymous with theword brain. The brain is only the physical matter through which the mind operates.

Harnessing the forces of the mind is an art that can be mastered by the Godly people (Prophets, saints) and the ungodly people (magicians, idol worshippers, ,hypnotists)But then in any encounter between the Godly and ungodly God causes the Prophets to win over magicians ,like that of the Prophet Moses and the Egyptian magicians. The real snake of Moses, created by the OmnipotentGod from the rod, literally swallowed the false snakes of the magicians created from rods and ropes. Quoting from the writings of Hadrat Ahmad,the Founder of Ahmadiyyat,on whom be peace, he sheds effulgent light on the phenomenon of mesmerism in the following words: ‘’ This incidence reported in Quran 2:73 was an instance of what has come to be known as mesmerism .  One of the peculiar qualities of which is that a kind of movement can be induced in animate objects (lifeless objects) with the help of which certain unknown or doubtful facts can be determined or ascertained.

We should not repudiate any truth ,and we should accept as part of the divine scheme  all that is established as true in fact. Mesmerism is a great science which is the spiritual counter part of physics”. As defined and explained in the first article mesmeric force can cause inanimate objects to move. In references to Quran 2:73, according to Hadrat Ahmad in the above quoted reference, the inanimate object under discussion was the dead corpse of a man. And the movement induced in it was that when the murderer struck it with a piece of the cow’s meat there were quick movements observed in the body that indicated that the murderer was the person whose strike produced the spasms in the corpse. According to Ahmad it is a great science which is part of the divine scheme, hence should be accepted and not looked upon as something outside the purview of the religion.

Continuing with his discourses he writes further: ‘’ Man is God’s vicegerent on earth and everything has been subordinated to him. He can, by the proper use of his faculties under appropriates conditions, influence everything else. Man has been equipped with active power and everything else is passive. A very common illustration of this phenomenon is that he can train every inanimate thing to be attached to him and be subjected to him. Those persons who are equipped with a strong active power are able to perform mesmeric wonders. Man has the capacity to develop his external and inner faculties and to augment their active power. Some persons can then cast a spell on wild beasts and can then catch or kill them, transmit their thoughts into the minds of others, some can by the same means transmit their emotions to others, and some can cause inanimate objects to move. There are many people, even today, who practice such arts. Some, through similar methods, discover the identity of a thief or robber. All this is part of mesmerism. Human vitality and intellect can undoubtedly influence other objects and man’s active power can, by influencing inanimate objects, make them a means of discovering some unknown things. The subject matter of this verse (Quran 2:73) is a matter of that type “(Izaala- i—Auham, part ii,pp748 -752).

In summary we say that all that Hadrat Ahmad, on whom be peace, has eloquently and with crystal clarity explained above is that man, being God’s vicegerent on earth, has been equipped with  active powers against the rest of creation equipped with passive powers. When this active power is developed it can be used to influence all other creations. Example of such usages include the casting of spell on animals and catching them.  What is then the active power? In answer we say that theactive power refers to the hidden spiritual powers created by God in man that is overlaid by the physical.


Mesmeric force is real but must be developed in man before it can be harnessed and used.

Khalid Kofi Ahmad

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