While working as Secretary to the Immanuel Society Coordinating Office for Ministries (COM) under Sis Lillie Adjei in 2007, Dr. F.K. E. Nunoo (now Prof.) received the call to evangelise.  This triggered a renewed wave of evangelism in the Immanuel Society East Airport in the Regimanuel Gray Estate. To mobilise the Society for evangelism, COM arranged for brethren of the Great Commission to teach the entire Society the use of the “New Life for All” booklet.  Rev. Joseph Arthur also educated members on the use of the Four Spiritual Laws booklet on Aldersgate Sunday in 2007.

In the same year, Sis. Prof. Mercy Amba Oduyoye and Asafo Maame Arthur’s classes decided to put what they had learnt about evangelism at Church and in the Bible Classes into practice.  The two combined classes went on a “One on one” witnessing drive in October and November that year.  On Saturday 10th November 2007, a Jesus Film Crusade was held at East Legon by COM.

On Sunday 8th June 2008, an evangelism/mission survey from Coca Cola junction down to Tetteh Quarshie Circle, undertaken by COM at the instance of the Leaders’ Meeting, found no Methodist Church in the vicinity of Manet Court Junction towards Okpoi Gonno.  The area was thus targeted for outreach.  In September 2008, the first of many annual Jesus Film Crusades was held at Manet Court Junction.

Dr. Nunoo was appointed chairman of the COM after his commissioning on 28th June, 2009 as an Evangelist. He mooted the idea of having every Organisation undertake an evangelism activity each year. In October 2010, the Women’s Fellowship began an Annual Breakfast meeting and the Men’s Fellowship organised a fitness walk to Manet Court area all in the bid to expose the Nursery Society to the community. The COM and members of the two combined Bible Classes were instrumental in all these activities.

Malik Area Crusades

When Immanuel Society took its turn in the Accra North Circuit in March 2012 to host a Circuit Crusade, the Society Leaders’ Meeting approved a site at Malik Park for the event after visits in late February 2012 by the Rt. Rev. Justice K.A Dadson, Bro Dr. Francis Nunoo and Bro Amos Sackitey. As part of the pre-crusade activities, a “house to house” outreach was embarked by COM and the two Bible Classes of Prof. Amba Oduyoye and Osofo Maame ArthurVery Rev. Richardson Andam was the Speaker at the Circuit Crusade which took place from 7th – 9th March, 2012. 

The first Church Service at Malik was held on Sunday 11th March, 2012 under a neem tree adjacent to the Malik Park with 2 adults, 11 children and 14 members of Amba Oduyoye and Osofo Maame Arthur’s Bible classes.  Rt. Rev. Justice Dadson officiated the service. He was assisted by Evangelist Dr. Nunoo.

Immanuel Society held a follow-up crusade in September 2012, this time, at the Malik Taxi rank.  Until January 2014, members of the Preaching Post continued to meet and fellowship under the Neem Tree for Sunday services and Thursday prayers from 6.30 to 7.30pm. Sis. Gladys Tetteh and Bro. Benjamin Kwesi Dankwah offered space to keep the chairs and canopy offered by Immanuel Society to the preaching post. The team evangelised for 30-45 minutes ahead of every Sunday service.

Brother (the late) Edward Bortsie and now Rev. Eric Amihere were among some personalities associated with formation of the Malik Preaching Post, apart from the Minister, Evangelist, and Society Steward. The Immanuel MYF led by Bro. Patrick Koranteng helped mobilising members of the young Nursery society to form a Bible Class with the approval of the Leaders’ Meeting. Brothers Amos Sackitey and Sam Franck Kweitecco were assigned as Class Leaders for the new Okpoi Gonno Bible Class.  Bro. Mathias Tomude joined them later. 

The challenge

The issue of overlapping activities at Okpoi Gonno between Malik Preaching Post and Teshie-Nungua Circuit Methodist Church was resolved in 2013 when the Superintendent Minister, Rt. Rev. J. K. Dadson, the Society Steward and some members of the Society met with a delegation from Teshie Nungua Circuit. They agreed that their respective Nursery Societies should be allowed to grow.

With the use of the space under the Neem tree retracted, Malik Preaching Post members joined Immanuel Society for church activities. Very Rev. Kodwo Arko-Boham continued exploratory visits to Oreilly Senior High School for the possibility of using the School’s premises for worship. Bro. Amos Sackitey and Sis. Bedia Sackitey offered their residence as temporary worship place for Malik Preaching Post. The Very Rev. Kodwo Arko-Boham approved, after inspecting the property with Bro. Kwesi Danquah Smith, the Property Steward. The greatest challenge remains securing a piece of land for building a permanent meeting place.

Re-inauguration and Growth

Malik Preaching Post was re-inaugurated on Sunday 14th September 2014 at their new location, the residence of Bro. & Sister Sackitey. Very Rev. Kwodjo Arko Boham set in place rotational visitations by Organizations from Immanuel especially SUWMA, Christ’s Little Band, the Men’s Fellowship, Singing Band, and Youth Fellowship.

The Nursery Society held its 4th Anniversary celebration on 24th December 2016; the Service was officiated by Very Rev. John K Appiah-Acheampong, Supt. Minister and Bro Nimo Ahinkorah as the Guest Preacher. In attendance were Very Rev. Ishmael Ghansah (Trinity Society), Bro. Dr. Winston Andah, Evangelist Sam Kweitecco and Bro. Eugene Taylor-Sampson. Rev. Anthony Dapaah also helped  to raise funds to purchase a set of drums for the Nursery.

The Nursery increased its visibility in the area with the mounting of seven signposts at various locations coupled with the Door-to-Door evangelism and outreach activities. The Men’s Fellowship of Immanuel embarked on door-to-door evangelism in 2017 with Very Rev. John K. Appiah-Acheampong, Supt Minister of the Airport East Circuit, as part of the  2017 Men’s Fellowship Day Celebration.

The Nursery held its first ever Harvest Launch on Sunday 30th July 2017. Bro. Prof. Nana Ato Ghartey and the Men’s Fellowship co-chaired the harvest and all other Society organizations as supporters.


By the time of the re- inauguration, the Nursery received donations from members and groups from Immanuel Society which included the following.

  • A pulpit and offertory stand from the Youth Fellowship,
  • A conga drum from Immanuel Society and twenty (20) copies of the Methodist Hymn Book from Immanuel Society
  • The cedi equivalent of €400.00 for the purchase of an Organ for the Nursery from Bro. Nimo Ahinkorah.
  • Two large PA systems from Bro. Theophilus Acquah. Who in addition, offered Organ tutoring session for the youth of Trinity and Okpoi Gonno on Friday evenings for some time.

First Baptism and Confirmation

The Nursery Society had its first mass Baptism and Confirmation at Okpoi Gonno Nursery on 23rd September 2018. Five children were baptized, and seven youth were confirmed into the Church by Very Rev. John.K. Appiah-Acheampong. Rev. Stephen Addo prepared the confirmands and arranged for them a visit to the Methodist Church Head Quarters to meet the Presiding Bishop.

Acquisition of Dome

To accommodate the growing number of the Church and in celebration of its 8th Anniversary, members decided, in February 2019, to procure a Dome. The Leaders’ Meeting approved the request and allowed us to use part of our Harvest Funds to procure the Dome.

Fund raising activities for the construction of the concrete platform for the Dome yielded a total GHC 29,000.00. The Men’s Fellowship immensely supported this cause and saw to its completion. The Sod Cutting Ceremony for the construction of the concrete platform was held on the 23rd of June, 2019 by Rev. Stephen Addo. In attendance were Prof. Ben Essel Hagan, Bro Herbert Morrison and Bro. Dr. Winston Andah, whose Bible class donated GHC 2000. The construction of the platform commenced on the 24th of June, 2019.

On 3rd November, 2019, the Bishop of the Northern Accra Diocese, The Rt Rev. Prof. Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, having earlier paid three official visits to the Nursery Society, came to commission the new 100-Seater Dome. He was assisted by the Supt. Minister of the Airport East Circuit, Very Rev. Dr. Jacob W. French. The Immanuel Men’s Fellowship featured prominently with their presence.

The First Watch-Night Service

The Nursery, with the approval of the Supt. Minister, Very Rev. Dr. Jacob W. French, had its first ever Watch Night Service on 31st December 2019. Rev. Ekow Ainoo Jnr and Brother Kwesi Abbey Sam preached the sermon and commended the young Society. A strong team of the Men’s Fellowship, led by the Chairman Bro. Kweku Sersah-Johnson attended the Service.

The 10th Anniversary celebrations will be rounded off with a Harvest launch at the Nursery, on Sunday March 13, 2022. The Okpoi Gonno Nursery could virtually be said to be a fully blown Society (Church) today.

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