Chale ! You Can Now Sell Your Gift Cards in Ghana 

The best gift card exchange platform is now in Ghana. If you have been wondering why the air feels different today, that is most likely why. 

Ghana is one of the biggest innovative and productive nations in Africa. There is so much being done in the country, loads of tourist attractions, and also a lot of things to be proud of. However, there is still a segment of the economy that is lacking, which is gift card trading. 

Gift cards are still relatively new to the majority of Ghanaians. You find very few people who have them. And the ones who do, usually have to wait till they are abroad to redeem them or use them on global brands that have fully extended their region to Africa. Which is also very rare.

Generally, there would be more buzz on gift cards, and more people would be open to accepting them if they knew there was a platform in Ghana that can convert their gift cards to cedis at any time. Are you a gift card owner in ghana, who does not have a platform to resell your gift card? then Cardtonic is your guy. 

Who is Cardtonic?

The right question is “What is Cardtonic?” Chale! And, Cardtonic is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that provides individuals with unwanted gift cards the opportunity to resell them at amazing rates for Cedis 24/7. 

What is The Gift Card Rate In Ghana on Cardtonic?

Because Cardtonic is a customer-inclined platform, You get as high as 80% cash back on gift cards sold on their platform. For example, if you sell a $100 ITunes  gift card on Cardtonic, you would get the Cedis equivalent of $80. Amazing right? 

How Can I Sell My Gift Cards For MoMo on Cardtonic?

The process is very easy. Firstly, you would need to Download the application. 

Download Cardtonic The App





After downloading, register on the platform. This simply entails proving the application with necessary details relevant to your trading process. Such as your full name, contact, email, momo or bank account number, etc. Then you can proceed to sell. 

How To Exchange Gift Card For Cedis on Cardtonic

  1. Select the “Trade gift cards” button  
  2. Under Category, select the gift card you want to trade.
  3. For the Subcategory section, you’re meant to pick the exact type and form of your gift card.
  4. Enter the amount of your gift card. 
  5. Upload the gift card image, in some cases, you might be required to provide a receipt. 
  6. Then you can “Start Trade.” 

Within minutes, your trade would be completed, and the balance would automatically be reflected in your Cardtonic account. You can then immediately request for withdrawal directly to your momo or local bank account. 

The best way to make money from your gift cards is by selling them on Cardtonic. Selling your gift cards in Ghana couldn’t be easier! 


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