Be entrepreneurial-minded  – Youth urged

The youth must be innovative and entrepreneurial-minded to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country, Mrs Sandra Bremfi, Chief Executive Officer of Global Cleaning Services (GCS), has said.

“Thousands of people are graduating from school every year, adding to the already large number of unemployed persons, so it’s time we think outside the box and be creative enough to start something on our own, instead of going round in search of white colour jobs,” she said,

Mrs Bremfi, who made the assertion in Accra yesterday in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, cited herself as an example, saying as a product of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, when she begun rendering cleaning services to people, it did not seem easy but as time went on, she became used to it.

“I hold a degree in journalism, but I am a proud cleaner, I cannot sit back and wait forever for a white colour job when I still have my hands,” she said

She said that with determination, anything was possible to achieve and called on graduates to desist from going to school with the sole aim of working for someone after graduating.

Mrs Bremfi said looking at how the world was evolving at a very fast rate with new technologies, very soon machines would take over almost every task that humans were paid to do.

“Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are doing what tellers do, the advent of mobile money too is making it possible to access banks services with our phones.

Also, drones, robots and other objects are gradually replacing human beings at various work places and the situation will be worst as technology advances, so we must begin to find innovative means of getting money instead of waiting to become an employee,” she advised.

The continuous reductions of human interface in work processes, she added was one of the major reasons why unemployment rate kept increasing every year.

Touching on the advantages of entrepreneurship, Mrs Bremfi noted, among others, that entrepreneurship afforded one the opportunity to use his or her strengths and skills to make a real difference in life adding that entrepreneurs always had the flexibility of time to some extent.

She advised potential entrepreneurs to be open minded, disciplined and resilient because that was what would launch them into greatness.

Mrs Bremfi revealed that, GCS was launched a year ago and had so far provided services to quite a number of clients across the country, hoping that in the next few years, the company would go international.


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