IT is a truth universally acknowledged that in every country opinion leaders are writers of feature articles in the various newspapers. They usually pick topical issues of the day and give a reasoned critique of the subject and suggest a formidable opinion on it.

In Ghana today, 2021, some of the regular known feature articles writers are Elizabeth Ohene (Daily Graphic) Brigadier General Dan Frimpong (Graphic) Daniel Dugan (Chronicle) Africans Owusu Ansah (Daily Guide) and, should I add my name to the list?

Some of these writers are salaried, but most of them are freelance, writing for the love of writing. I for instance am a court going lawyer, and I write only when the subject presses me to come to town.

I am saying all this because CamenonDuodu, formerly editor of Daily Graphic and I think a product of “Ghanaian Times” now living in London UK has managed to churn out plenty of articles in about three or so newspapers, regularly.

Last Saturday, August 7th he published a strange article in the Daily Guide on “August 4 – a Strange holiday – for me too!!”

I am very sorry but I could not get the central theme of his article – was it to criticize the lawmakers for declaring 4th August a holiday? Or was it to complain that because of galamsey operations we have betrayed the noble ideals of self governance in Ghana?

Reader, how will you feel if I title an article “Accra to Berekum” and I start writing about Accra, Nsawam, Bunso Junction – then I break off to talk about Linda Dor Restaurant and other eating points in the vicinity – Paradise, General Danquah’s pub at Anyinam and then put a full stop?

When I was growing up in the days of the first Republic we used to enjoy 6 March as Independence Day, 1st July as Republic Day and 21st September as Founder’s Day.

After a fall of the First Republic, 21st September was abolished as a Founder’s Day but we continued to celebrate every 1st July as Republic Day until the 7th Parliament decided to abolish that day also and replace it with 4th August as the true Founder’s Day of the nation Ghana.In our history of several failed Republics, 4th August remains the true date that Patriotic sons of our nation met and founded the national liberation movement of UGCC that led eventually to the birth of the nation station Ghana as we know it today.

Of course CameronDuodu is right in saying that the Founders of our nation will today weep weep and weep NOT for regretting that they took the first step towards self governance but at the specter of so much disasters – man-made disasters that seem to be engulfing our dear nation.

Sixty years after INDEPENDENCE we still try to live like our former colonial masters – we speak their language as our national language, we dress like them to public functions, we force our children to learn about their way of life and all our big men without exception enjoy travelling to London either for holidays, leave or whatever small reason.

Colonel E K Kotoka Brigader Commander in Kumasi and his Brigade Major, Major AA Afirifa secretly planned a coup and toppled the Kwame Nkrumah Administration, bringing to an end the 1st Republic of Ghana.

Colonel I K Acheampong, C. O. of 5BN Burma Camp and his cronies, Major Selormy, Major AgboMajor Kwame Baah and Major Felli ganged up and toppled Professor Busia’s 2nd Republican Administration and finally Air Force Officer, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, returned after AFRC experiment and toppled President Limann 3rd Republican Administration.

The World Bank and the International Community came to the aid of local protestors, Association of Recognized Professional Bodies and forced the military to disengage from public life and finally usshered in the 4th Republic which is still holding, by the Grace of God.

There are very several challenges, yes, almost daunting challenges, but yes, these are pangs of childhood.

Whether you like it or not, Ghana is the most blessed nation on earth – on weather, our sub sail our people, lying at the very center of the globe-earth – we have every cause to say thank you to God.

To Him alone be all the Glory.

By Nkrabeah-Effah-Dartey

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