Africans must lead in solving crisis in Ethiopia

The current legal Ethiopian government with its leader Abiy Ahmed is continuing its fight against numerous acts of armed separatism from paramilitary rebel groups.

Unfortunately, some countries try to protract the conflict. Current US position as well as their European allies is aiming at prolonging the duration of the crisis which has already lasted more than a year.

 And they are doing this to weaken Ethiopian authorities for the purpose of bringing persons loyal to the West to rule the country.

To achieve its goals, Washington is using sanctions which have become a traditional method. However it is important to understand that further imposition of restrictions and bans will strike at ordinary people, not the Ethiopian leadership.

Moreover weakening the economy certainly will lead to the increase of antigovernment movement and the conflict escalation.

The most illustrative and recent example of destructive effect of sanctions could be a situation in Mali were similar actions made citizens vulnerable to terrorist groups.

At the same time international community should draw their attention to a fact that the West keeps using human rights and non-governmental organizations to exert additional pressure on Addis Ababa.

European countries and the United States diligently insist on peaceful talks with the rebels, giving them a chance to regroup on a seized territories, rather than help the legitimate government in its fight against militants from “The Trigray People’s Liberation front” (TPLF).

Furthermore, the West demands that Eritrean troops who support armed forces of Ethiopia should be withdrawn also help only insurgents.

In this case it is obvious that the West issuing a policy of double standards only in its own interests. When we see statements from France, US, UK and other countries’ top officials about the necessity of talks with TPLF representatives we can read in between the lines.

Now Paris is insisting that Ethiopian authorities should stop considering these separatists as a terrorists, because as we all know Western countries never deal with terrorists.

It is their principle. But how else should we describe people who openly call for the overthrow of a legal regime.

With all these facts it is obvious that the leading role in solving the longstanding conflict should be played by African countries.

Mostly because of ethnic and religious variety which is inherent to all our states. That is why our governments should be more active and independent in solving this crisis. We know better how to deal with reasons which led to the conflict

It is the West which should consider African Union’s opinion on how to solve current crisis. Also it should lend an attentive ear to position of countries like China, Russia and India, who support an idea that problems of Africa should be solved by African people and other countries must be only mediators.

In the other words, some countries unceremoniously interfere in the domestic affairs of African countries and bring discredit on ability of African states to pursue sovereign policy and defend their own interests.

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