Assembly orders squatters along GIMPA-Legon by-pass to leave

Squatters who have taken over the road reservation along the GIMPA-Legon by-pass have been given a three-week ultimatum to remove their structures or face the wrath of the assembly.

The Ayawaso West Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) gave the ultimatum after the team and officials of the works department of the assembly posted final removal notices on more than 200 structures along that stretch of the road.

The activities of the squatters have become a bother for residents of the area, as they have turned a portion of the area into a refuse dump and also constructed an illegal toilet on a registered land belonging to the University of Ghana.

The residents and commuters alleged they suffer attacks, mostly in the evenings, and were robbed of their valuables.

The Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Joshua Adams Asihene, told the media that, the squatters had ignored several quit notices, the latest one issued two months ago.

He said the assembly had also engaged the squatters on several occasions on the dangers of siting their structures close to the road, adding “we are not in a lawless state, we have rules and regulations that govern the use of road reservations, such acts do not help in the development of a country.”

The squatters, according to Mr Asihene, have opened drinking spots and play loud music deep into the night to the discomfort of the residents, who for fear of being attacked had no option than to keep quiet and endure the pain.

He said national security operatives have also reported that six vehicles had been snatched along that stretch of the road as there were no street lights, adding that “the infant assembly has a lot of work to do and would not allow any illegal activity to distract its attention and focus.”

The MCD said the squatters, as a result of the re-construction of the road, blocked an access road with their structures and easily took offence and attacked the residents anytime they complained of their illegal activities.

He warned that after the three weeks deadline, the assembly would have no other option than to move in with bulldozers and sweep the place clean.

In a related development, officials of the assembly with support from the police and the national security demolished illegal structures along the National Service road and the first traffic light near the Airport junction.

The action sent the street hawkers fleeing in different directions even though they were not the target.


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