All Hands On Deck!

The former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, appeared to be speaking the minds of all well-meaning Ghanaians when he called for all hands on deck, in the efforts to save the nation from the current hardships it is going through.

“The task of nation building is an on-going process.  Our country is going through difficult times and we are all needed at this time,” he was quoted as saying at the 138th Fund Raising Awards and Dinner Night of Mfantsipim Senior High School in Accra, last Friday.

 The eminent citizen made it clear that every Ghanaian has an obligation to serve and contribute to the development of the country, especially in the current difficult times.

The Times finds the advice encouraging, as it comes at the time the country is so polarised, and partisan political discourse seems to have taken centre stage and thrown everything into oblivion.

We agree absolutely with Mr. Annan’s poignant point that every Ghanaian has an obligation to serve and contribute to the development of the country. 

The truth is, the current economic downturn is not affecting only the government and its supporters; everybody is feeling the economic crunch.

Part of the difficulties facing the country, in our view, is the over-indulgence in partisan politics in all aspects of public discourse.

As a result, important national issues are reduced to the blame game, which does not bring about the expected solutions to the numerous problems the nation is encountering.

The Times, therefore, urges all Ghanaians to pay heed to the call of Mr. Annan, and put their shoulders to the wheel of national development.

The national interest should be considered paramount, and the politicians must bury their differences and forge ahead in unity, for the good of the country.

For, together we can build the nation.

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