Training course for young journalists underway in Cairo

About 17 journalists from selected African countries have converged for the 53rd training course for young journalists in Cairo, capital of Egypt.

The 20-day training programme being organised by the Union of African Journalist (UAJ) is in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Information.

Participants include Ghana, South Africa, Chad, Togo, La Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, Mauritania, Tunisia, Algeria and Mali.

The others are Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Senegal.

For the entire training, participants are expected to receive lectures on the role of translation and press to enhance cultural dialogue, peace and security in Africa, publicity influence on press media in Africa, African culture and its social and economic income and meet the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Additionally, the journalists would be schooled on the development of hydraulic resources in Africa, bureaucracy and development in Africa and tools of external policy, press and media as models.

Addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony, Mr Mahfouz Al Ansari, President of UAJ, said it was important for African Journalists to unite and persistently, work to ensure that the African continent rose to standard.

He said the programme was a mechanism to train African Journalists in different fields and broaden their knowledge base in different aspects of news reporting.

Mr Ansari noted that journalism was a tool that enabled members of the public to know what was happening and urged the media to play its role effectively.


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