Political declaration signed in Sudan after month-long crisis

Nearly a month after a political crisis erupted in Sudan, General Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and removed Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, signed on Sunday a political declaration which included reappointing Hamdok as prime minister.
Sudan has been suffering from a political crisis after Gen. Al-Burhan declared a state of emergency on October 25, and dissolved the Sovereign Council and cabinet. On Nov. 11, Gen. Al-Burhan issued a constitutional decree ordering the formation of a transitional Sovereign Council, and named himself as chairman of the council. 
Since then, the capital Khartoum and other cities have witnessed mass demonstrations rejecting the measures by the army commander. 
The declaration stipulated that the constitutional document would be the main reference for the transitional period.
It also ensured broad political participation, except for the dissolved National Congress Party of ousted President, Omar al-Bashir.
The declaration reiterated that the partnership between the civilian and military components is the guarantor of Sudan’s stability and security, assigning the Sovereign Council to the task of supervising the transitional period without interfering in the executive work of the government. 
It also promised to investigate the killing and injuring of civilians and military personnel during the recent demonstrations, and to complete the transitional institutions, including the legislative council and the judicial bodies. 
According to the declaration, the committee for dismantling al-Bashir’s regime since 1989 will be brought back to work and its performance in the previous period will be reviewed.
It also promised to release all political detainees and work to build a unified national army.
At the signing ceremony of the declaration aired live by Sudan’s official TV, Hamdok said the signing of the declaration opens the door wide on all issues of the transition. 
“There are great challenges facing the political reality, but we have the ability to work together,” he said. 
The deal offers the opportunity to maintain the gains achieved in the past two years, and fortifies the civilian democratic transition through expanding the transition base, the prime minister added. 
Gen. Al-Burhan, for his part, said the declaration “lays the correct foundations for the transitional period in a consensual manner.” 
The army has no intention to exclude any party in Sudan, he noted, vowing to work to complete the course of transition and reach free and fair elections. -Xinhua

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