Omane Boamah urges Pres to stop ‘dummy-politics’

Former Communications Minister, Omane Boamah has urged the president to quit playing ‘dummy-politics’ with the citizenry and be forthcoming with the truths or risk being exposed in a rather disgraceful manner.

According to him, the President had resorted to fabricating non-facts to defame his opponents in whichever way he could, a path which he claims was dangerous saying,  “The president has adopted strategy of erecting his own dummies, shooting them down to wild applause to claim success and such dummy-politics only expose you in the long run.”

Mr Boamah’s comments was due to recent suggestions by President Nana Akufo-Addo that former President John Mahama had lied about his infrastructural achievements in various parts of the country during his term in office.

The president, who was addressing Upper West Regional House of Chiefs when they paid a courtesy call on him at the Jubilee House noted that complaints had consistently reached him about devastating state of roads. 

 “Before I came here, I was told by my biggest competitor that they have done all the roads in the country, they are responsible for an unprecedented infrastructural development, everywhere I go, I do not think there is any authority institution that has talked to me and not raised issue about roads in their area as principal concern.

“It is not good for us as politicians to be misleading the citizenry, if you have not done something, don’t claim it and don’t make pronouncements on it,” the president stated.

 Mr Boamah in a statement however, ‘rubbished’ the claim of the president, describing them as ‘untruths’ maintaining that ” the former President’s ‘Green Book’ captured efforts the then government had made to resolve intractable national challenges, it is absurd the president will create perception NDC touted as having solved all infrastructural challenges.

“My emphasis is “some”, it is absolutely untenable for President Akufo-Addo to posit that by any stretch of one’s imagination the Mahama-led administration claimed to have addressed every infrastructure needs of the country, I urge him to pay heed and put in necessary actions to deal with infrastructural challenges.

 “The citizenry are presenting to him and complaining about rather than continue in his ‘shameful’ pattern of peddling falsehoods and blaming his competitors since the respected chiefs of Upper West Region have put a request before  him.

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