Kasapreko Company takes expansion drive to Kenya

Kasapreko Company Lim­ited, leading manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alco­holic beverages in Ghana, has expanded its presence to Kenya.

The expansion of the com­pany, which currently generates annual revenue exceeding $35 million, was facilitated by Canary International Trading Compa­ny Limited, a subsidiary of the Canary Group of Companies specialising in food and beverage distribution.

Speaking during the launch at the Ghana High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya, Mr Patrick Masope-Crabbe, Founder of Canary Group of Companies, said that the firm would focus on a business-to-business model in order to ensure that the Kasapre­ko’s products spread rapidly into the market to reach consumers.

The goal, he said, was to

 collaborate with a wide range of alcohol distributors and establish­ments.

Canary International cur­rently operates in West Africa, East Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Francis Holly Adzah, International Business Devel­opment Director, Kasapreko Company Limited, encouraged Kenyans and the East African community to embrace Ghana­ian heritage by experiencing the diverse array of beverages offered by the company.

He said Kasapreko had lever­aged research and development, incorporating cutting-edge tech­nology with local and traditional recipes in the production process.

“Kasapreko stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and heritage, boasting of a state-of-the-art production facility, global export reach, and an iconic flagship product, Alomo Bitters,” he added.

Moved by the increasing demand for quality alcoholic

 products, Ghanaian businessman Kwabena Adjei, founded Kasa­preko Company Ltd in 1989, with the niche of producing herbal-based alcoholic products sourced locally.

The company that started in a small garage of Dr Kwabena Adjei has developed into a state-of-the-art production facility with over 100 sku’s and exporting to 16 countries globally under vari­ous brands in the bitters, whisky, gin, liqueur, brandy, carbonated soft drinks and wine categories.

The launch was witnessed by Mr Damptey Bediako Asare – Ghana’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Association of Ghana Industries, Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Revenue Authority and The AfCFTA secretariat.


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