Journalists, communicators schooled on new communication strategies

The Centre for Piano and Voice Perfection, an affiliate of the University of West London, last Saturday, held a seminar in Accra for communicators and journalists to adopt dialogue and counsel as key components of their communication methods.

It was also aimed at educating participants on the new models of effective communication and study opportunities available in Britain which they could take advantage of.

The representative of the Ghana office of the University of West London, Mr Martin Torgbor who delivered the day’s lecture, entreated communicators to always measure the time of their communication as it was a vital process in communication delivery.

“Communication is the wheel that carries information, it is therefore paramount to always check the time of your communication, when, where, whom and how it is transmitted” he noted.

To achieve the best form of communication, Mr Torgbor urged practitioners and the public to resort to dialogue and counsel.

“The best way to communicate is to engage your audience in a softer, more reciprocal tune. If one always wants to triumph with a strong voice, it may lead to the distortion of the message and its intended purpose unaccomplished.

An important component of communication is its ability to provide counsel after criticitising, if the intention is not to provide, an alternate solution, then it must not be delivered”, he stated.

Mr Torgbor implored the media to harness the power of journalism to promote effective communication.

He called for the gap between academia and industry to be bridged to nurture more skilled communicators and journalists, a move, he contends, would lead to the general improvement in discourse nationwide.

Overall, he commended the Ghanaian media for their efforts in promoting stability in the country and called for more collaboration between the media and the University of West London to build the capacity of reporters and journalists.


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