How Omer Bloch Became a Leader in His Field

Back at the turn of the millennium, portable music players had serious flaws. Chunky and clumsy to use, their extremely limited song capacity made them unattractive to buyers. But what if the user experience could be completely transformed? What if owning a portable music player was overwhelmingly positive? That’s exactly what happened with the iPod. The difference between Steve Job’s 1,000 songs in your pocket and the other MP3’s on the market was like the difference between night and day.

Omer Bloch, founder CEO of FAVA, is a change maker who is transforming the user experience in staffing. FAVA is an acronym for Freaking Awesome Virtual Assistant. In the past, interviewing and hiring international remote workers was an uncertain process that frequently ended in disappointment. “Just the words “virtual assistant” hold negative connotations,” admits Bloch.

But what if the entire experience could be drastically different? What if potential candidates are rigorously vetted and it’s as easy to interview and hire someone from Belize as it is from Boston? “We choose only highly skilled professionals with exceptional English skills, and an insane work ethic,” Bloch explains. FAVA is so successful at finding the right matches, they even offer a guarantee.

FAVA has become the stable hub where small business owners come to find the right people – not just virtual assistants, but graphic designers, media buyers, account managers, data entry, sale closers,

and more. “It’s a win-win for everyone,” emphasizes Bloch. “Our top- notch candidates become an extremely affordable but vital part of your growing business team. At the same time, FAVA helps increase their value so they can get paid more than the average person living in their country.”

The user experience is what drives Bloch. “The amount of care we have for our clients and our VA’s is what makes FAVA different. We’re here to provide world class talent to world class businesses all done with the highest degree of integrity,” Bloch adds.

Leaders in their field are pacesetters like Omer Bloch. They have an implicit understanding that the answers to current problems are found in creating a formula that helps everyone win.

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