Ho Tech University, German university share ideas

President of the Hocshchule Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Prof. Dr Klaus Zeppenfeld has paid a day’s visit to the Ho Technical University (HTU).

The aim was to identify key ways of further deepening the partnership between the two institutions.

He met with the teaching staff of HTU, and discussed the strategic management of the two universities to benefit their communities, technical management and marketing strategies, IT systems and solutions, and the creative potentials and capacity building for the two universities, among other issues.

Prof. Zeppenfeld said that applied universities were expected to produce personnel for corporate bodies in the contemporary global environment with hands-on teaching methods.

That, Prof. Zeppenfeld said, highlighted the need for creative potentials, including digital lecture halls and various electronic devices to bring out quality teaching to support higher education.

It also calls for practice-oriented interdisciplinary courses to meet international standards, he added.

The visiting professor announced that the Hocshchule Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences had introduced new courses such as visual computer and designing, sports and healthcare engineering, and biomedical engineering among others to attract more young people and females.

On his part Prof. Honyenuga thanked Prof. Zeppenfeld for the visit, saying it was a historic one to the mutual benefit of the two universities.

He maintained that the partnership between HTU and the German university would definitely grow from strength to strength and benefit generations yet unborn.


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