Founders Day must provoke change

Yesterday, Ghana marked Founders Day, a day set aside to celebrate and honour people known in the country’s political history as The Big Six.

These are Kwame Nkrumah, Ebenezer Ako-Adjei, Edward Akufo-Addo, J B Danquah, William Obetsebi-Lamptey and William Ofori-Atta, who are considered the founding fathers of present-day Ghana due to their pivotal roles in the country’s struggle for independence from the British colonists.

Founders day is not limited to politics as such an occasion is celebrated by schools, associations, churches and other organisations like the Scouts.

However, one thing is common to all the celebrations, which is the organisation of a special event to mark the anniversary.

At such events speeches are made and honours done some deserving people for their contributions to the survival, progress and development of whatever entities the founders have in place.

This was exactly what happened yesterday.

A luncheon for senior citizens was organised in Accra at which President Nana AddoDankwaAkufogave a speech regarding political stability, the economy, expressing optimism of good things to come, and his plans to honoursome deserving citizens, Ghanaians who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endevour, especially those who supported the fight against the COVID-19.

The country’s choice of August 4 to celebrate Founders Day therefore must not be seen as just another occasion but one for reflecting on how to justify the independence fought for.

That, in effect, is to remind Ghanaians of the state of the independent nation The Big Six left behind and its current situation.

What is the present generation doing to develop the country so that future generations would praise us for not letting down The Big Six?

The country has suffered a chequered political and socio-economic journey but that should not be an excuse to stay stagnant.

Besides, Ghana is not the only country in the comity of nations that has gone through bad days.

Founders Day must remind present generation, particularly the politicians and top state officials, of the sacrifices of our forebears to ensure that every one Ghanaian would enjoy something good to justify being a Ghanaian.

The founder fathers did not amass wealth, neither did they arrogate to themselves privileges beyond imagination.

Some nations like Malawi have started questioning the “unreasonable” pecks of their leaders; the Ghanaian leaders must not wait to be challenged before they effect the necessary changes.

People have, for instance, started questioning Article 71; change must come in that direction.

A few individuals taking the chunk of the national cake has started provoking the mass of the people.

Corruption, injustice and all societal ills must be checked; corruption is depriving the state of the needed revenue and injustice has spelt doom for some innocent people.

Every fit and healthy Ghanaian must resolve to work hard, rather than pretend to work, so that together all of us can contribute to develop the country.

If nothing at all, this year’s Founders Day celebration must be a wake-up call that Ghana needs a change for the batter in all spheres of life and if our leaders fail to bring about that change,

the citizens must initiate it.

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