COVID-19: Sports media industry among worst hit sectors in Nigeria

Since Nigeria recorded her first Corona Virus outbreak on February 28 in Lagos, the commercial city of Nigeria, sports media has been struggling to survive.

The sports calendar in the country has been destroyed with the outbreak of the novel virus, which led to the postponement of the Country’s Olympic ‘the national sports festival’ down to the local football league, the International table tennis federation (ITTF) challenge plus Nigeria open among other sporting events.

Although health journalists are on the peak to deliver the latest for the people, sports journalists find it harder to get contents. But thanks to the initiative of Live Instagram Chat with sports players, coaches and administrators, the situation is better.

The contents gathered from the live Instagram chat helps sports reporters to get contents to publish news on websites, cyberspace, and online has flourished, but as all sports have been shut down, their work has become more difficult.

The news was still followed with love and passion and the audience and people used the sports news every day to engage each other.

However, sports photographers had much harder days. All life and love is a photographer, camera, subject of photography, sports or athlete and competition.

All of this was shut down during this time. But some photographers were able to cleverly go to the athletes’ homes and photograph life in the virus, which attracted a lot of attention.

Today, the situation in Nigeria is not improving because most media outfits have deemed it fit to terminate contracts of their workers. – AIPS

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