COA Mixture Enhances Immunity –  Insights from COA-RMLC Deputy CEO

Pilot Queen Princess Duncan, the Deputy CEO of COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company has reiterated that COA Mixture and COA Plus Mixture serve as immune system boosters that fight all kinds of diseases naturally.

According to her, these herbal medicines, derived from a blend of six tropical herbs, embody a holistic approach to fostering vitality and resilience.

She asserted this in an interview with journalists recently.

Highlighting the company’s commitment to quality, Pilot Queen Princess Duncan underscored the role of professional and experienced Quality Control and Quality Assurance officers who meticulously follow standard operating procedures during the manufacturing process. Additionally, she mentioned the rigorous microbial tests conducted by reputable external labs to ensure the safety and efficacy of COA products.

Currently, COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company produces three main products: COA Mixture, COA Plus Mixture, and COA MT Mixture, all available in a colorless form. Duncan explained that while COA Mixture promotes general well-being, COA Plus Mixture is tailored for immune system support, and COA MT Mixture targets malaria treatment.

Pilot Queen Princess Duncan who doubles as Nana Akua Ahenesima I, Nkosohemaa of Frante Skyere Odumasi traditional area in the Ashanti Region further emphasized that the active ingredients in COA products are carefully extracted from green leaves to ensure efficacy without causing harm to internal organs, hence their colorless form. She cautioned against the use of these products by pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children below 12 years old.

For administration, Ms Duncan provided simple dosage instructions: 50ml of warm water with 10ml of COA Mixture for general well-being and 20ml for supportive treatment, to be consumed immediately without stirring.

Acknowledging positive feedback from customers locally and internationally, the pilot Queen revealed plans to expand production capacity to meet growing demand and introduce new products to the market.

In Ghana, COA Mixture is available at pharmacies and herbal shops nationwide with bulk purchases facilitated through the company’s website


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