Dennis Jenkins on the Importance of Faith to Help You through Challenges and Adversities 

To be successful in life, the path often involves wearing a number of different hats and playing a number of different roles. If one is not careful, the complexity of everything that needs to be done can become too much to bear. This is why it’s important to have a strong foundation that can keep oneself grounded in difficult times.

Dennis Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Executive Commercial Services – a national facilities management company. Currently, a multi-million dollar enterprise, just a few short years ago, Dennis started the company as an answer to his own business needs – the need for a reliable management company for his commercial real estate portfolio. Now, Jenkins is looking to grow his company and find more innovative ways to assist his clients. 

Before he was a real estate investor and an entrepreneur, Jenkins was attending college at Arkansas University at Pine Bluff. There he was a student athlete with aspirations to play in the NFL. After graduation, he went undrafted, but stayed committed to getting signed in the NFL. “In 2013, I was offered a $500 contract to play on the. Unfortunately, I was coming off of a shoulder injury and wasn’t picked up. I knew it was time to move on.” His family owned a construction company and a real estate development company. In 2015, He built his first commercial property – a medical office building. After he filled the building with tenants, the second thing on his checklist was to find a facilities management company.

He wasn’t really sure what to look for in a company. After realizing that not all management companies are created equal. “After several unsatisfactory experiences, I decided to spend the time and money I was giving them on managing my own properties.” Over the next few years, he developed a good system for managing his properties – he had added a few properties to his portfolio during that time. In the following years, he turned his attention from real estate to growing his new company – Executive Commercial Services. Designed to answer a business’s full deck of needs, Jenkins saw success very quickly. Over the last few years, he has scaled his necessary venture into a $70,000,000 enterprise. “I was blessed with a lot of experience and a lot of capital.” Whatever industry you are getting into, these two things are the key to success. 

Although he has built an extremely successful company, he recognizes that there is a dark side to success. “Building something so big and successful can be overwhelming and sometimes, it changes people.” In the middle of busy schedules, stressful meetings, and unpredicted wealth, Jenkins returns to his roots. “I grew up in a very spiritual family. When things get hard, I fall back on my faith.” His faith has pushed him forward.

When people look at his life, he wants them to see their potential. “My motivation is helping people. Everyday I want to help people see their potential.” When he isn’t working on growing his multi-million dollar enterprise, Jenkins is focused on what really matters – his faith, his family and his fitness. He spends his free time helping at his church and as a testament to his football days, he is still an avid gym-rat. 

To learn more about Dennis and Executive Commercial Services, visit his website at Executive Commercial Cleaning

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