HCG extends Green School Campaign

Help Change Ghana (HCG), a non-profitable organisation, has extended its “Green School Campaign” project to schools within the Tema Metropolis.

The project aims to raise awareness and educate pupils on the need to keep a clean environment; reduce, reuse, recycle waste and conserve nature.

Close to 15 schools in the metropolis are to be engaged under the project which also seeks to imbibe into students, attitudes on how to green their environment and surroundings with various plant species and conservation methods to reduce the threat of climate change.

Co-founder of the group, Mr Ebenezer Annoh explained that the rationale for the campaign is to encourage the younger generation to take pragmatic steps towards minimising the drastic effect of climate change in the nearest future.

He noted that the city’s increasing population over the years had resulted in increased generation of volumes of waste and land degradation hence the need for all people to take responsibility in managing the threat.

“Schools in the Tema community are faced with the challenge of poor waste management and degradation of green areas that threaten the sustainability of urban environmental resources such as open spaces, nature reserves, plant species and flood plains which has adverse climatic conditions to humans.”

Mr Annoh believed tree planting was the surest way of promoting conservation and young people had a critical role to play to ensure an equitable and sustainable quality life for all.

“We are responsible for our personal future, the future of Ghana and the world at large and we can make a difference. If we act now to make nature conservation a reality, future generations will inherit a healthier planet,” he maintained.

Programme Coordinator of the organisation, Wisdom Senyo Gbetodeme, noted that the formation of green clubs in schools would in the long run help save money, energy and the country’s natural resources as children would have the requisite knowledge on protecting the environment.

He encouraged students to adopt positive attitudes towards the environment and take personal responsibility to conserve nature.

“No matter where we live, work and play, we all produce waste and we therefore have to find ways of controlling this by recycling and stop littering,” Mr Gbetodeme added.


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