Youth urged to empower themselves for secured future

A Business Psychologist and Life Coach, Dr Isaac Adupong, has advised the youth to empower themselves for a secured future by developing a growth mindset.

Growth mindset, he said, made one to see opportunities in every situation and to challenge one to achieve results.

Unlike skills and knowledge which could be imparted, the individual was responsible for developing one’s own mindset.

Dr Adupong was speaking at a programme organised by the Accra Spintex Road Lions Club in collaboration with Regional Maritime University Leo Club on Wednesday.

The topic was ,”Empowering self for secured future’ and in attendance were 45 students from the university.

He said: “You are the architect of your own future, remember that your future will not happen by chance- You need to decide what you want to become and work hard to achieve it.”

Dr Adupong urged the youth to be resourceful and overcome problems or make do with what was available to create solutions.

He explained that the world was ruled by the resourceful lot and not necessarily resources, adding that it was the reason resourcefulness was one of the most sought after competencies the world over.

“Focus on getting results in whatever you do and have the self-belief that you are capable of handling any problem placed before you,” he said.

Dr Adupong added that the youth needed to forge unyielding courage, be passionate and persevere to succeed or deal with failure.

He encouraged them not to give up nor be afraid to fail because failure served as training for future success.

The Business Psychologist noted that to be able to function effectively they must be morally and ethically compliant and have a desire to work for the happiness of mankind.

Dr Adupong said the qualities he outlined were not abstract as they could be found in the lives of personalities such as Michael Jordan, former United States basketball player, the late Reggae super star, Bob Marley, United States Golf Great, Tiger Woods and co-founder of Apple Incorporated, the late Steve Jobs and the former Executive Chair of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma. 

He said Jack Ma for instance applied 10 times to Harvard Business School and got rejected but eventually co-founded Alibaba Group and as of June 2019 he was one of Chinese richest men with a net worth of $35.6 billion as well as one of the wealthiest in the world.


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