Youth admonished to venture into politics to transform society

 The New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s National Youth Organiser, Salam Mustapha, has admonished the youth not to venture into politics to transform society instead of material gains.

“Politics is about hard work because it is a difficult venture and if you venture into politics because you want to acquire material gains, you will be disap­pointed so use politics to trans­form society,” he cautioned.

Mr Mustapha insisted that politics was a difficult enterprise to venture into and young people should not think it is a quick fix to attain wealth but it was not since those who venture into it must have to work hard to improve socioeconomic devel­opment of the people they had to serve.

According to him, politics was an enterprise built on sacri­fice and tasked the youth to have the temerity, character, and ability to succeed and with that would serve the people rather than lord it over them for material gains, adding that he loved politics because it gives him an under­standing of human nature and the country in general.

“Understanding human na­ture before venturing into politics will make the youth gain temerity, character, and ability to succeed through hard work instead of exploiting them for material gains and disappoint the people who have trust, hope and confidence in politicians to help accelerate prog­ress, growth and development,” Mr Mustapha entreated.

A Project Management and Development Specialist by profes­sion, he recounted how he got in­volved in politics and revealed that Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, cur­rent Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority among others played critical roles in his political career.

Mr Mustapha, who was once the Director of Programmes at the Office of the Vice President, also spoke fondly of Dr Maha­mudu Bawumia, describing him as a humble and dignified person whose level of humility was yet to be seen in any human which was attracting the youth to join the NPP.

He advised more young people to join the party because it was a free-spirited pro-youth party which had the tendency to grow and develop them to take interest and contribute effectively and efficiently to nation building.

Mr Mustapha intimated that nation building was the preserve of the youth and they must devel­op interest to sustain the peace, unity, harmony and cohesion prevailing in the country and appealed to them not to derail the processes.

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