Youth admonished to be entrepreneurial

Founder of Save the Nation for Future Leaders (FSNFL), a civil society group, Kwadwo Atta Apeakorang, has admonished the youth against relying on politicians for job opportunities but be entrepreneurial minded to take their destiny in their own hands.

Rather, he said they must be innovative enough to start their own businesses no matter how small it could be.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday on the high rate of unemployment among the youth, Mr Apeakorang explained that getting them involved in politics because of unemployment was a bad move which could make them corrupt.

“We need to start a movement of young people who will make our nation proud, this is not to say all politicians are bad but I will advise any young person, especially the unemployed ones, to remain resilient, innovative, steadfast, focus and hardworking while starting their own small business instead of wasting years in the name of job searching.

“Some of them are given false hope by these politicians, especially Members of Parliament in the various constituencies so it is better to stand up for yourself and pursue entrepreneurship, it requires a lot of effort but worth it,” Mr Apeakorang added.

According to him, individuals who have not had any formal education must also desist from looking down on themselves because it is possible to be successful in life even without formal education.

Describing farming as a lucrative venture, Mr Apeakorang noted that the youth could take advantage of agriculture which needed to be made attractive for the youth to develop interest in it.

However, he indicated that the youth should not wait for government to make the sector attractive for them before they consider venturing into it, adding that “they can get a parcel of land and start growing crops or rearing animals and birds, gradually they will realise how much money they will start earning”.

He observed that the country needed patriotic and well-meaning youth to steer affairs and allowing them to be used by politicians for their selfish gains would make it difficult for the country to have a reliable youthful exuberance of government officials to steer the affairs of the state.


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