Yoga good for health, well-being – Indian High Commissioner

The Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Sugandh Rajaram, reiterated the importance of Yoga exercises to the human body and the society.

According to Mr Rajaram, Yoga has the tendency to foster unity among people and societies and also promote healthy living.

He said this on Saturday at the Black Star Square in Accra when the staff of the High Commission and members of the Indian community in Ghana engaged in Yoga exercises as part of activities to herald the celebrations of the International Yoga Day (IYD).

The International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21 since its inception in 2015 and declared by the United General Assembly as a physical and spiritual day, a practice originated from India.

The Indian High Commissioner said Yoga means unison adding that “it is not just for the health and wellbeing of people, it also helps the whole world to unite.”

He explained thatpeople come together through Yoga which brings about peace and harmony to humankind.

Mr Rajaram said it was necessary to celebrate Yoga in the spirit of unity, harmony and peace throughout the world adding it has the tendency to bring people back together in the mist of global challenges which is drawing people away from each other.

“This is why we need Yoga to bring people back together,” he said.

He said the day has been commemorated for the past six years butin India the spirit of Yoga had been celebrated throughout the ages, because it originates from the ancient traditional philosophy of India.

He said Yoga controls ones breathing which involves meditation and has physical, mental and spiritual benefits adding that Yoga should not be celebrated on just a day but rather all the time.

Touching on the activities to commemorate the International Yoga Day, the India High Commissioner said there will be a celebration at the Black Star Square in the morning of June 21.

He indicated on June 18 the day will be marked at the Indian House and on the following day the day will be commemorated in Tamale saying that “we are taking Yoga beyond Accra.”


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