Yendi MP tasks Dagombas to accelerate Dagbon devt

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Yendi Constituency in the Northern Region, Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama, has called for more partnership, unity and collaboration among Dagombas to help grow and develop Dagbon Tradition Area.

“Dagbon can only progress, grow and develop if the people put their differences aside and come together as one to ensure that there is absolute peace, harmony, cohesion and unity among ourselves as Dagombas,” he noted.

Alhaji Mahama stated that working together collectively to champion the transformative partnership as one family would go a long way to give them peace, growth and development.

He made the call at the Dagbon Forum and National Congress in Tamale when he spoke on the theme: ‘Building a Transformative Dagbon through Collaborative Partnership’.

According to Alhaji Mahama, he had embarked on extraordinary levels to build healthy partnerships that would benefit the people of Dagbon, and he would continue on that strategic path to transform and to realise the well-being of his people so as to ameliorate their plight.

“The progress, growth and development of Dagbon is in their own hands hence the need for them to love one another as brothers, as leaders of Dagbon, they have the responsibility to unite the people and also bring development to them because the enormity of the task before them is heavier than any individual strength.

“You cannot outweigh the collectivism of network of your minded friends and well-meaning entities and the reconstruction of Dagbon is challenging, and we have to act and work collectively to shape and mould the future of Dagbon,” Alhaji Mahama admonished.

The National President of Dagomba Forum, Chief Mahama Sintaro appealed to every single Dagomba to support and assist the progress, growth and development of Dagbon and reiterated the idea of the forum was to foster peace, unity, harmony and cohesion among Dagombas across the globe.

He stressed the need for every Dagomba to see himself as member of the forum.


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