Wrong driving tuition by uncertified tutors blamed for road crashes

The Managing Proprietor of Steer Control Driving School, Emmanuel Danso, says wrong driving tuitions by uncertified tutors can be blamed for most of the accidents occurring on our roads.

He has, therefore, asked Ghanaians to desist from taking lessons from these uncertified tutors to curb the menace.

Mr Danso said that was because efforts by the police, the National Road Safety Authority, Driver and Vehicle License Authority, could not stop carnages on the roads but “us the trainees.”

He was speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday.

“We have no reason to get involved in accidents irrespective of the bad roads and people’s behaviour. That is why people should get the right training and not take lessons from any unqualified driver out there,” he added.

Mr Danso indicated that these self-acclaimed driving tutors did not have the right mentality and techniques in using both a car and the roads, so have little or no control both in times of challenges or difficulties.

He noted that these tutors were bereft of defensive driving techniques which were required in driving, explaining defence driving as “driving to save lives, time and property in spite of the conditions of the road and the actions of others.”

“Humans are priceless commodities so it is important we as trainers impart the right knowledge and principles,” he added.

Mr Danso stressed that drivers must first and foremost resolve to save lives immediately they sat behind their steering wheels, and do everything humanly possible to save lives.

Explaining road safety as mobility without death, injury or damage, he said driving was mathematics.

“Where mathematics simply means communication with figures. My worry is why most Ghanaians take these things lightly and are still reluctant to learn what driving really entails,” he stated.

“Driving is about 90 per cent correct mentality and the rest practical driving. Because if you do not have a sound mind driving and knowledge of the details required in driving, there will be disaster,” he added.

The Managing Proprietor of Steer Control Driving School said it was necessary for drivers to concentrate, observe things critically, project into the future to take measures and remain tolerant on the road.


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