Worship Allah tirelessly, relentlessly to attract blessings – Fise Chief Imam

The Chief Imam of the Fise Muslim community in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Imam Ahmed HarunTijani, has underscored the need for Muslims all over the country to worship Allah tirelessly and relentlessly to attract blessings, even after the holy month of Ramadan.

According to him, going strictly by the principles of Islam had tremendous benefits on humanity therefore anything that has the tendency of negatively impacting the country and world at large must not be encouraged.

He made the assertion over the weekend while delivering the Eid sermon to Muslims in Fise.

More than 200 individuals trooped the Fise community park to join the Eid prayers as part of activities to mark the end of this year’s Ramadan.

Imam Tijani said “Let us learn to always submit to the will of Allah in all our doings because after completing our obligations to him, he will call on his angels to reward us.”

“It is therefore imperative that we do not allow the devil to deceive us and push us into doing things that are unacceptable in Islam.”

Touching on the need for Muslims to eschew sin and live honourably, he noted that Allah was always ready to forgive the sins of people who are remorseful of their sinful nature and show readiness to repent.

The Prince of the Fise Muslim Community, Jamal HamiduKabore, in his remarks expressed gratitude to the community members for observing the Ramadan judiciously and advised them to promote peace in all their endeavours.

He also advised the youth to always behave in a responsible and moral way.

“As young people, we have to be responsible in all our dealings. Let this generation of young people make the nation proud by eschewing indiscipline, promoting peaceful coexistence, being kind to each other and above all, having the fear of Allah.”

“I entreat you all to use this moment to reflect over your lives and make positive changes that will impact the world,” he said.

For those still struggling to make ends meet, Prince Kabore encouraged them never to give up in life and remain focused and resilient towards whatever they wanted to achieve in life, adding that the journey to a very successful stage in life does not come with comfort all the time.

People he said needed to make sacrifices to enjoy a successful life therefore the youth must work hard and wait patiently for their time to come.


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