World Combat Ju Jutsu President in Ghana for 2022 Africa Open launch

The President of the International Combat Ju Jutsu Federation (ICJJF), Mr. Shypinskyi Vladyslav, arrived in Accra on Saturday for a short working visit.

He was met on arrival by officials of Ju Jutsu Ghana made up of its president, Shakiratu Larteef, Evans Bernie-Johnson, Vice President, Lucy Larteef, Treasurer, Maxwell B. Borquaye, Technical Director, and his assistant, Jacob Annan.

This follows Ghana’s impressive outing at the recent ju jutsu world championship in Ukraine,

Mr. Vladyslav’s visit is an affirmation of ICJJF’s commitment to expand and popularise the sport in Ghana.

Secondly, he will launch the 2022 Africa Open Ju Jutsu championship at a brief ceremony at the Exim Bank office in Accra today.

According to officials of the sport, over 30 countries from Europe, Asia, and others will be expected to compete in the tournament.

But Ju Jutsu Ghana Vice-President, Mr. Evans Bernie-Johnson told the Times Sports that Mr. Vladyslav would meet key sports personalities including the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr.Mustafa Ussif, Director-General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Prof. Peter Twumasi, former Mayor of Accra, Dr. Okoe Vanderpuye, the Ga Mantse, Nii Teiko Tsuru II among others.

“We are very excited by the arrival of our President; it’s a huge boost for Combat Ju Jutsu Ghana,” Mr. Bernie-Johnson said. “We are also delighted with the prospect of hosting the Africa Open. A lot of African countries like Egypt, Nigeria, Congo wanted to host it but because of our performance at the world championship in Ukraine in August, the President said we have the talents, so he wants us to host the tournament to unearth more talents and produce world champions as well,” he added.


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