Work in interest of c’nity devt – Togbe Afede

The Agbogbomefia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV, has asserted that it is paramount for chiefs and queens to work in the interest of the people for accelerated socioeconomic development.

“The role of chiefs and queens in enhancing societal progress, growth and development is crucial and cannot be underestimated, hence they must be given the needed support and assistance in their work,” he stated.

Togbe Afede stressed the need for them to ensure peace, unity and security in their communities to attract investment to create jobs and wealth for the youth to avoid indulging in chieftaincy disputes and land litigation.

He was speaking at the installation and outdooring of 10 new chiefs, queens and linguists of Ho.

They were Togbe Dzomatsi II, Togbe Awude II, Togbe Kludzehe IV, Tsiami Francesca Darbi, from Horluviefe Clan, Togbe Adu – Bobi IV, Mama Adu- Bobi III, Tsiami Dzadey, and Nyornu  Tsiami  Manyra, from Bake Clan and Togbe Wuor IV and Mama Wuor IV from Gbloefe Clan.

They were installed and outdoored after nine days of confinement.

Togbe Afede indicated that the various positions became vacant for some years and had negatively affected progress, growth and development in those areas, necessitating the need to look for qualified people to occupy them.

He congratulated the news chiefs, queens and linguists for accepting to occupy the various positions as well as their families for releasing them to serve their people and
assured them of his maximum support and assistance in discharge of their duties, ready to work with each one of them for accelerated development of the Asogli State.

Togbe Afede admonished them to strictly adhere to the protocols of royal conduct, respect their subjects and work with absolute humility so as to succeed in their reign and exhibit a high level of truthfulness in carrying out their responsibilities because truthfulness was key element for progress and success of society.

“Though you ascended the various positions in this challenging time, you must show true leadership by working hard to ensure your communities did not languish behind the rest of progressive societies for residents of Asogli State to accord you needed respect and rally behind them to execute their duties effectively and efficiently to bring development to your various jurisdictions.

“We must cherish peace, unity, harmony and love which are essential tools for society to make meaningful progress and extend invitation to all to join in this year’s Teza festival because this year’s own will be super and exciting,” Togbe Afede said.

The chiefs, queens and linguists pledged to work in tandem with other chiefs, queens and linguists and all relevant authorities to bring the needed progress, growth and development to their jurisdictions. -GNA

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