Women urged to be assertive for political positions

There is the need for Ghanaian women to rise up and break the barriers that prevent them from climbing the ladder to gain top positions in politics.

“However, with commitment, dedication, determination, massive support and assistance from individuals and institutions who have the interest of promoting gender equality within politics, women who are into politics should keep persevering till they get to the decision making level in their political career.”

This assertion was made by the Executive Director of Abronoma Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, focusing on women empowerment, Linda Yeboah, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra on Friday.

She said for women to have successful careers in politics, they had to strive harder and remain focus, resolute, steadfast and resilient with “light at the end of the tunnel” but raised concern over women who aspired for women organisers or other positions at primaries of their political parties but left the sensitive positions for the men.

“This perception is wrong, unacceptable, I strongly believe that though in our part of the world one needs resources aside being ambitious to easily sail through the political journey, this does not mean we cannot succeed in rising to the top without financial support and assistance because steps towards achieving success is worth it.

“Having more females participating in politics promotes gender parity at most levels because it facilitates the direct engagement of women in decision-making, to ensure probity, accountability and transparency,” Mrs Yeboah contended.

She explained that a gender sensitive government understood the realities of women and would often implement policies and ensure laws that promoted safety of women and children were prioritised.

That, Mrs Yeboah indicated, did not mean that women were not sensitive to the needs of men, saying “the welfare of all persons irrespective of their gender must be of concern to every responsible leader.

Rather, she noted that it was time for women to strongly participate in politics in their quest to get to top decision making levels in political parties and governments and join forces to support and assist each other financially and psychologically.

Mrs Yeboah admonished women who had managed to get to higher ranks in their political careers to keep working hard to sustain them by ensuring they excelled in whatever tasks and challenges they faced.


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