Withdraw COVID-19 letter to Auditor-General …NDC to AG

 The National Demo­cratic Congress (NDC) has asked the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, to immediately withdraw the letter to the Auditor-General over the publication of the audit report on COVID-19 expenditure.

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godred Dame, in a letter to the Auditor- General, described the publica­tion of the audit report on the government’s expenditure of COVID-19 funds as premature.

The Attorney General said Article 187(5) of the Constitu­tion mandates the Auditor-Gen­eral to submit his report to

Parliament and in that report, draw attention to any irregularities in the accounts audited.

He added that Article 187(6) of the Constitution requires that Parliament must then debate the report of the Auditor-General and appoint, where necessary and in the public interest, a committee to deal with any matters arising from it.

In a statement, the Communi­cations Officer of the NDC, Sam­my Gyamfi, described the Attor­ney General’s letter as an “ungodly interference and intrusion into the mandate of the Auditor-General by someone who ought to know better.”

“We can appreciate the discomfiture of Godfred Dame, given that as the principal legal advisor to the corrupt Akufo-Ad­do/Bawumia Government, he is obviously worried by the putrefy­ing rot that has been uncovered by the Auditor-General regarding how COVID-19 funds were grossly misused by functionaries of the government. However, we cannot help the fears of the Attorney-General who has to be reminded in very clear terms that, the Auditor-General’s fidelity is to the laws of this country and not him.”

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