Wishing NDC well in parliamentary primaries!

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is conducting parliamentary primaries in 157 constituencies across the country today.

By the time our readers go through this editorial, the polls might have started to choose candidates to present the party in the 2020 parliamentary elections.

In all, 524 aspirants have been cleared to contest in the polls today with 39 incumbent Members of Parliament (MPs) and aspirants contesting unopposed.

It has been weeks of hectic campaigning by aspirants in the various constituencies, some very acrimonious.

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Watching from afar, it appears that due to wrangling among some aspirants and disqualification of others, polls could not be conducted in some constituencies.

In spite of these, all is set for the parliamentary primaries that would set the stage for the NDC to contest the 2020 parliamentary and Presidential election.

Already, the party has conducted and elected its flag bearer and the parliamentary primaries are expected to settle on who become parliamentary candidates for the upcoming elections.

The Ghanaian Times is aware of tensions in some of the constituencies because of the campaigns that have gone on in those constituencies.

The reports we have received indicate that some of the supporters are so charged and have been throwing “punches” at each other.

We appeal to all those involved in the election to exercise restraint; abide by the rules and regulation and avoid confrontations that may mar the election.

We know that in times like these, tempers would be high but our advice to all the candidates and their supporters is for them to conduct themselves in a very peaceful manner at the polls.

This is not the first time that the party is going through this process. Parliamentary primaries have been conducted by the party several times and we expect successful polls once again.

We would encourage those who would emerge victorious to be measured in their celebrations and for those who would lose to accept the outcome in good faith.

We wish the NDC as well as the aspirants all the best.

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