Winner-Takes-All impediment to democratic governance–Emile Short

Justice Emile Short, a former Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice, has attributed the winner-takes-all phenomenon, which is characterised by the governing party assuming total control of everything after winning power as an impediment to the nation’s democratic governance.

“The winner-takes-all phenomenon is one of the greatest impediments to our democratic governance and we have to address that because the only time legislators from both aisles of parliament unite is when it is in their collective benefit.

“The lawmakers from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) do not agree on anything else, you hardly have consensus between the two dominant parties but the only time you will get consensus is when they introduce a policy that will benefit both Members of Parliament of the political divide.

 “Our politics is so adversarial, it is such that each party wants to unseat the other by fair or foul means because the stakes are high and this is as a result of  too much power vested in our president as far as appointments and major decisions are concerned,” Justice Short lamented.

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