Western Africa Peace Initiative launches virtual confab on peace promotion

The Western Africa Peace Initiative, a regional Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) geared towards the promotion of peace in the sub-region was last Saturday launched via online.

The ceremony was held with 132 participants drawn from various fields of endeavour from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Sweden and South Korea.

Performing the launch, the manager of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Peace Education Department of the West Africa team, Ms Jenny La, explained that the initiative was to implement continuous peace education project in the sub-region.

She said, “By spreading the news to the West African countries through various media, we can enhance peace education projects and build public confidence for carrying out more peace educations in the local community.”

On her part, the executive director of the African Centre for Human Advancement Social and Community Development, Ms Opeyemi Marcellina Aderinto, said “HWPL’s peace education is an innovative education that pioneers the establishment and propagation of a culture of peace by cultivating talented individuals with the mindset of peace.”

She noted that the centre was ready to give 36 of its members to HWPL, to serve as ‘Teachers of Peace Education, stressing that “We will launch peace clubs in schools and continually hold annual peace conference every year in partnership with HWPL.”

Ms Aderinto said her outfit was willing to sign an MoU with the HWPL and also urged the Nigerian government to include peace education curriculum into the education system especially from primary schools.

The peace educator empowerment training programme aims to cultivate professional teachers who lead youth exposed to conflict, discrimination, poverty, and violence to become peaceful citizens.

 In addition, it has a purpose to provide teachers with peace textbooks reflecting each society’s educational goals and professional educational materials and systems together with educational experts from each country.

The program will be operated from May to December 2021, and applicants in all fields that can provide peace education to the public can attend.

Education expenses and educational materials are provided free of charge, and the progress will be carried out through ZOOM meeting

The launching ceremony was held by the HWPL Southern Seoul and Gyeonggi Branch, an international peace organization based in Korea. HWPL, an international peace organization headquartered in Korea, has associated with the UN DGC and the UN ECOSOC, and has been carrying out various peace activities with the aim of ceasing all wars, building a world of peace, and handing it over to future generations.

As one of those activities, at the launching ceremony, a total of 77 schools, organisations and institutions in West African countries signed a statement promising that they will achieve peace projects together through peace education, titled “Peace Educator Empowerment Training”.

By Cliff Ekuful

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