West Hills Mall murder case: Docket forwarded to A-G

The docket and pa­thology report on Shadrack Allu, the 33-year-old man, allegedly murdered at West Hills Mall, Weija, have been forwarded to the office of the Attorney-General (A-G) and Ministry of Justice for advice.

This was announced yesterday by police prosecutors, at the Sowu­tuom District Court, presided over by Stephen Tebiri.

The case has been adjourned to March 2, pending the advice from the A-G.

Boafo Osei Kwame, the Shop Manager of Max Buy Ghana Limited, dealers of electrical appli­ances, within the West Hills Mall, charged with alleged murder, has been remanded in police custody.

But, his lawyers had argued that the case bothers on “causation” which could not be attributed to their client.

The lawyers contend that a post-mortem report would make things clearer for their client, as the facts suggested that Allu struggled with a certain police­man as well as swallowing a black polythene bag.

The facts are that, the com­plainant is Bernard Boanor Den­kyi, Operations Manager at West Hills Mall, located at Weija.

The court heard that Boafo Osei Kwame is Shop Manager of Max Buy Ghana Limited, dealers in electronic appliances, located within the West Hills Mall.

The prosecution said on January 30, 2023, Police Sergeant Daniel Abeiku, stationed at the Visibility Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Headquarters, detailed to perform duties at the Mall, saw Allu, now deceased, carrying a backpack, and Ibrahim Seshi, a witness in the case.

According to the facts, the movement of the Allu and the witness at the Mall became suspi­cious and Sgt Abeiku requested to search the backpack.

The facts indicated that, “the deceased opened the backpack, removed something wrapped in a black polythene back from the backpack and put in his back pock­et, and started running outside.”

Prosecution said “the policeman pursued Allu and arrested him.

The deceased, according to the facts, struggled with the policeman when he was handcuffed and in the process he (Allu) removed the wrapped polythene bag from his back pocket and swallowed it.

“The accused who also saw the incident rushed to the scene and removed his personal Taser and shocked the deceased.”

The facts said the deceased fell unconscious as a result and was rushed to the Somotech Hospital within the Mall but was pro­nounced dead on arrival by the medical doctor on duty.

The facts stated that accused was arrested and Taser retrieved from him.


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