We’re not in a state of despair – Dindiok Kpemka

Dindiok Kpemka, a former Deputy Attorney-General and Minister of Justice has appealed to the citizenry not to create the impression that the nation is in a state of despair.

“If we do not take care, we are going to continue to hammer certain points and create market distortions. Then the price increases will continue to be taken advantage of by traders and all of us will be in it,” he cautioned.

Mr Kpemka urged citizens to keep faith in the government to lessen the economic hardships they were experiencing and just like other countries, Ghana was going through period of hardships due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia invasion of Ukraine and other internal economic factors.

Contributing to discussions on the state of the economy, he decried commentaries that would dampen investor confidence and was confident the president’s 12-points policy agenda outlined during his address on the economy would make the economy “get back on its toes and take off to the land of glory”.

Mr Kpemka encouraged Ghanaians to give their support and assistance to the president, reflect on the past and present and chart good path in future to rebuild the economy to become buoyant as it was in the past saying “I have not heard the president say our cups are flowing with milk and honey.

“As a country, what we are supposed to be doing now is to reflect on our past, present and chart good path in future to rebuild our economy to become the buoyant one that we want it to be as it started in the past,” he observed.

Dr Smart Sarpong, a Political Scientist, asked President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to take complete responsibility [of the current economic difficulty and help save the situation since it had become necessary for him to make strategic changes in the team handling the economy, including ministers to inspire trust, confidence and hope in the people.

Murtala Mohammed, a Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Trade, called for details of economic policies and programme solutions the president outlined to be made public to inspire trust, confidence and hope.

He intimated that the expectation was, after the president’s address, his ministers should be giving the people detailed information about what he meant, instead of incorporating it in 2023 Budget and Policy Statement.

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