We’ll resist LGBT confab in Ghana … vows Global Evangelical Church

The Global Evangelical Church yesterday declared its intension to fiercely resist plans by Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) groups to hold a conference in Ghana later this year.

“Ghana belongs to God and not LGBT people,” Rev Innocent Cobina Agbenuvor, Parish  Priest of the Ho-Fiave branch of the church maintained.

He was preaching the sermon at a civic programme of the church, ‘Ghana Week’, with the theme: Our nation our heritage, as part of the Independence Day celebration of the congregation.

Rev Agbenuvor insisted that the nation had a wealthy cultural identity from God, and under no circumstance should that be lost or adulterated with alien debauchery with no sense of direction.

He noted that there was already a rapidly wide spreading and disturbing impact of negative alien lifestyles among the youth and that had contributed largely to the breakdown of discipline in the society.

The situation, he said, was worsened by social media platforms “which makes it possible for young people to hurl insults at adults with impunity,” Rev Agbenuvor stated.

He asserted that the contemporary Ghanaian society had serious development challenges to address, adding that matters of sexual perversion could never be a priority for attaining set national objectives.

According to him, Ghana was still poor in spite of her vast natural and mineral deposits because people in authority for years pursued a motive to fill their own pockets rather than make sacrifices for their country and harness her resources judiciously to create wealth.

For that reason, he said, politicians went for grants and loans from the Western nations, which came with awkward conditions without any considerations for the welfare of the citizenry and the future generation.

“We must bow our heads in shame if we look back 63 years down the road and see what we have achieved for our country over the years,” he added.

He cited the example of Singapore which once looked up to Ghana for development support but was now miles ahead of Ghana in all development facets, and said Ghanaians needed a new sense of patriotism with hard work and honesty to redeem her lost glory.

The parish priest sought to know what on earth would compel Ghana to allow conferences of LGBT groups to be held on her soil and called on the citizenry to unite to preserve the cultural identity of the country and fight insane alien cultures which could only corrupt the morals of the youth.

As part of the programme, the congregants dressed in traditional Ghanaian attires and took part in a typical Ghanaian gastronomy in the church premise after the service.


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