‘We’ll re-strategise to recapture Wenchi seat’

An aspiring chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Wenchi Constituency of the Bono Region, Richard Adu, has promised to ensure the party recaptured the seat from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Election 2024.

He said Wenchi still remained a stronghold of NPP, despite its poor performance in the parliamentary election in 2020 elections and as a traditional NPP seat, posterity would not spare the party “if strenuous efforts are not made to regain the seat”.

Mr Adu, former Wenchi Constituency Youth Organiser of the NPP also former Assembly Member for Ntoase Electoral Area in Wenchi Municipality, explained that “I have already organised the NPP youth in the area, working to identify and help in tackling diverse problems and challenges that led to the party’s parliamentary defeat in the 2020 elections.

“Petty squabbles, backbiting and internal wrangling will narrow fortunes of NPP in Election 2024, hence the need for members, supporters, faithful, sympathisers, well-wishers and delegates of the party to consider and ensure unifiers and people with excellent human relations are voted to occupy executive positions.

“Politics is about numbers, we need young and energetic people who can easily interact with, sell ideologies, ideals and philosophies of the party to electorates to persuade and woo floating voters to the party for an overwhelming victory in 2024,” Mr Adu noted.

He indicated that leadership of the party had laid solid foundation in national reconstruction processes that had provided NPP with sound and strong campaign messages and there would be no justification for the party, if it failed to recapture the seat.

Mr Adu appealed to leadership of NPP to provide support and assistance to widen voting margin of the party in Election 2024 and consolation to give the party for losing the seat to NDC was to recapture it and also widen the votes.

“We can easily do it in 2024, we have to apologise to the president and entire leadership of NPP for the abysmal performance in parliamentary elections, forge ahead in peace, unity, cohesion and harmony to prove to NDC the Wenchi seat is truly a traditional seat of NPP,” he stressed.

Mr Adu underlined the need for disgruntled members and supporters of the party in the area to bury their differences, desist from blame game and ensure unity of purpose for intensified campaign to retain power to break the eight-year cycle. -GNA

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