We’ll deal with police personnel who indulge in partisan politics – IGP

The Director-General of Operations of the Ghana Police Service, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kweku Pepra-Boadu has admonished police personnel to desist from indulging in active partisan politics as the December 7, 2020 general elections draw closer.

DCOP Pepra-Boadu stated that the Ghana Police Service is apolitical and urged personnel not to involve themselves in politics.

The Director-General gave the advice on behalf of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong-Boanuh, during a route march by personnel of the Service to keep fit and in readiness to lead in the provision of adequate security before, during and after the December 7, general elections.

The route march started from the National Police Headquarters through Ako Adjei Interchange, 37 Military Hospital, Obansanjo Highway to Kawukudi Roundabout, Pig Farm, La, Teshie, Danquah Circle and back to the Police Headquarters.

They displayed some of their resources such as ambulance, trained dogs, and armoured vehicles, among others.

DCOP Pepra-Boadu said personnel of the Service should be professional in the discharge of their duties during and after this year’s elections.

“Any officer who is found culpable would be dealt with according to the Service Regulations,” he added

He assured the public of the Police Service’s readiness for this year’s elections in terms of resources and personnel.

The Director-General said the IGP had given approval for training of personnel for the upcoming elections, adding that, so far, 1,968 police personnel had been trained for the elections.

He said approval had also been given for the training of another 2,000 personnel.

“The Police Service was committed and ready to maintain law and order during and after this year’s elections,” he added.    

He urged personnel to always work as a team during the discharge of their duties.

DCOP Pepra-Boadu said the Service was also collaborating with other sister security agencies to assist during the elections.

The Accra Regional Police urged police personnel not to indulge in politics, explaining that Police Service Regulations (2012) CI 76 Regulations, 82 Sub section 1CI talks about police officers in political controversy.

The Regional Commander said any officer found culpable would be dealt with according to law.

He advised them to always be guided by the Police Service Regulations and not engage in politics during the discharge of their duties.

“With few months to elections, as personnel you have to maintain your energy and must not engage in unnecessary activities,” DCOP Yiadom added.


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