Welcome New Year

Two days ago, we welcomed the New Year with a lot of hope but unknown future.

It is the beginning of 2020 and a new decade.

All over the world, different people welcomed the New Year in different ways which signify that 2020 is special to them.

We in Ghana welcomed the day with all night church services and entertainment across the country.

This is what we do usually when we usher in a new year.

There are many reasons people would rejoice for seeing 2020 and we cannot do anything about it.

The Ghanaian Times welcomes the New Year for a very special reason because we have an upcoming general election which is very special to our democracy.

Many people made all manner of New Year resolutions but the most important thing perhaps is the 2020 elections and political campaigns.

We are not by this saying that other socio-economic needs are not important.

Indeed, they are as important as the general election.

So, whilst we urge hard work and dedication in achieving the goals we have set in 2020, we call on all Ghanaians to work towards a peaceful and successful election.

There are processes that the Electoral Commission intends to embark upon.

We call for unity and understanding of all parties so that there would be consensus on the conduct of the elections.

As we begin the journey into the third decade of the 21st Century, we want to commend all Ghanaians for the hardwork and the sacrifices that we have made in brining the country this far.

We particularly applaud our readers for sticking by us throughout the year, we say thank you.

Indeed, 2019 has been both rewarding and challenging for us but we could not have done all that we did without the support and partnership of our readers across the country.

We want all Ghanaians to know that we appreciate their trust in us and we promise to continue to provide them with information that would help in developing the country.

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