We support Anti-LGBTQI+ bill-PNC

The People’s National Convention (PNC), has stated that it is in support of the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill currently before Parliament to be passed into law.

“The Anti-LGBTQ+ bill is timely as it can save our health system, funds, cherished family valuesand claim by rights of its members will be violated is never the case as their conduct has already been criminalised by the 1992 Constitution,” it said.

The party said claims by a section of the society that the bill sought to prosecute “sinners is not true rather activities of LGBTQI+ has the tendency of destroying the country just like any other crime”.

A press statement issued in Accra and signed by Janet Asana Nabla, the General Secretary of PNC, explained that despite its support of Anti-LGBTQI+ bill passage, itdid not hate the persons involved in the practice.

It called on stakeholders to establish counselling centres for rehabilitation of persons caught in the act to conform to societal orientations because LGBTQI+ sexuality was appalled and disliked by majority of Ghanaians.

“A poor country such as ours, are we prepared to handle the health complications of homosexuality, gays and lesbianism? How about the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?” Is it not the right time to control their activities?” the statement quizzed.

It said the Ghana AIDS Commission had identified LGBTQI+ community as one of the main drivers of the spread of HIV/AIDS and listening to those against the anti-LGBTQI+ bill, their arguments were unacceptable.

The statement said activities of LGBTQI+ community had the tendency of destroying values, norms, attitudes and traditions of the country with repercussions on health system due to complications alien to health facilities.

“We sympathise and encourage religious bodies, civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations and philanthropists to establish counselling centres for such people to rehabilitate them to conform to societal orientation and also the party’s request to Parliament to immediately pass the bill into law to safeguard and protect our cherished heritage”, it added


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