We need leaders willing to become unpopular–Esi Ansah

Dr Esi Ansah, a Human Resource Development specialist, has identified one of the country’s challenges as a lack of leadership willing to make unpopular decisions such as insisting friends, family and party folks also follow due process and systems to obtain a public service.

She explained that one of such decisions was about rampant clientelism in the country where people close to power circumvent the queue or obtain favours even unreasonable ones which she described as a “wicked problem”.

Dr Esi Ansah, who is also a lecturer at Ashesi University in Accra, noted that as a Chief Executive Officer, she also dealt with the challenge of associates, friends and family frequently requesting favours saying, “People send you curriculum vitas into your mail looking for a job and I tell them to “go back down” and engage the system through their subordinates.

“In Ghana, everybody with a problem wants to see the president which is a worry, as I do, leaders in the country need to “push back” pressure from close associates to do things for them more quickly, which is a style I call “tough love.”

“But that will also require the leader ensuring the system is not bogged down by bureaucratic delays and exploitation by service providers who want money to push up a request, I believe despite resistance, a leader can face over the style, they will begin to appreciate his convictions and buy into the method.

“Ghanaians will vote to keep such a leader in power even if they may not have initially liked the candidate which must begin with leaders “willing to lose something,” Dr Esi Ansah demanded. -myjoyonline.com

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