‘We are ‘fixing’ Adjei Kojo Market road to make it motorable for pregnant women’

Some young men in the Tema West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have resorted to fixing the deteriorated Adjei Kojo Market road ostensibly to deal with the daily inconvenience motorists have to endure.

One of the young men who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were fixing the road to help make the road convenient for travelers, especially pregnant women and also get their daily bread.

They are usually found on the road in the morning and evening filing potholes with sand and stones to make it more motorable.

Even though they do that voluntarily, they use the opportunity to appeal to motorists to show their appreciation in cash or kind.

The Ghanaian Times observed that, while some drivers and passengers gave them various amounts of money to compensate for their efforts, others insulted them.

“Aimless people, get a better job to do” a passenger shouted at them.

According to Oxford Narh a road user, their efforts only lasted a moment because anytime it rained, it washed away the sand, leaving the road at its bad state.

He said the road had deteriorated beyond fixing by amateurs and that it needed expert’s attention. 

A driver, Ms Naana Abban Turkson said even though the intentions of the young men were good, their action posed danger to themselves and other road users, because it could result in an accident which could lead to severe injury or death.

She appealed to the government to fix the roads because the market was an income generating place for both the government, and those who traded there as well as communities that use the road often.

He said though some people called them names, they were not perturbed.


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